about TECHI

The goal is to support technology enthusiasts, in successful companies, to harvest the benefits of digital transformation in their industrial environment. The key to success is quantifying the opportunities and bringing in the right specialized partners.

Every new journey is a challenge and an adventure. In this spirit, we bring together the technological leaders and overcome any evolutional challenge. We implement and adapt existing solutions that deliver additional value.

board of directors

Felix Benneker (CEO)

A trainer in the areas of business development and digital transformation. Felix Benneker combines entrepreneurial IoT- with industrial product management experience. His academic background is based on the Harvard Big Data Innovation Project and research in the areas of industrial sales engineering, product development and IT in mechanical Engineering.

Brian Lacey (Chief Partner Manager)

An experienced leader who has worked in IT, Telecommunications, Semiconductors, Utilities & Renewables, Brian Lacey has executive level P&L and extensive international management experience. He has held senior management/ executive positions in business development, marketing, product management as well as engineering, R&D and production.